What's New

HotShot 1.0.0

Hotshot 1.0.0 includes improvements, bug fixes and additional parental controls for App features.

  • MatchMaking for worldwide and country specific users
  • Random Video Calls for Users around the world
  • User Engagement to know what other people think about you
  • Limelight feature to promote your account
  • Daily and Special coupons to replenish your account free
  • In app purchases to buy HS coins
  • Earn real money by inviting your friends!
  • All features are backed by google security to prevent unauthorised access
  • Your information is secure
  • Messages are encrypted ensuing only you can view the messages you've received
  • Verification of profiles
  • MatchMaking feature for verified users only
  • Machine Learning ensures that all images are screened for nudity and racism before uploaded on the platform.